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About me! Founder of Arden Road | Napa Trading Post

Updated: Oct 9, 2022


Hi There, I'm Sara!

Welcome to my first Blog on

Arden Road | Napa Trading Post.

photo credit: Sakhon Nhek photography

Howdy! Welcome to my newest adventure! I have been working hard on finding my favorite products all around the Napa Valley and creating thoughtful #gifts with those items. I've been so grateful for the overwhelming support and encouragement from the local Napa companies and artists. The hospitality in the Napa Valley is second to none. #lovenapa #Itsfromnapa #madeinnapa #napalife #lifeinnapa

I'll let you in on a little secret...there have been a few holidays/birthdays that I didn't get a gift... My feelings were hurt the most when I didn't get a Mother's Day Gift when I was a newer mom. I don't think my spouse didn't want to get me something or didn't want to surprise me, but I do think that gift giving is overwhelming. What is the right gift? How much should I spend? OMG there are so many options on amazon. #shoplocal. It's complicated on top of what we are already doing on a daily basis. The pressure adds up to get the right gift. Or a gift at all. (it's no coincidence that I'm launching in time for Mother's Day)

I'm starting the company for many reasons but one of them is to make sure there is an easy way to send a thoughtful beautiful gift that celebrates the recipient. And my focus is to champion local Napans and their work. We are so lucky to have amazing products made in our own backyard.

About me

I spent the majority of my adult life serving in the U.S. Government - 15 years total... wowza! The first four years was in the US Air Force, flying enlisted air crew (back of airplane) aboard the AWACS (google it...worth it). This is where I met my lifelong friends. And I'm now a proud Veteran.

And then 11 years as an FBI Special Agent (no need to google, watch any tv show - which are all inaccurate). No, I can't talk it about, I'd have to $#00t ya... k/d. ; )

In 2010, the FBI stationed me in San Francisco, CA. I joined a group of close friends and met my-now husband while wine tasting in Napa, CA #sodreamy #winetasting #couldbeatvshow. My hubby has been in the wine industry for over 25 years and loves his job and the winery he works for (and so do I). His family have been grape growers for over 30 years and have taught me a ton about the wine industry and shared great wines from around the world. They are guilty for my refined palate... #sorrynotsorry

Then something life changing happened, my husband and I, had a baby....

(well, my husband didn't do any of the labor and delivery... just saying.)

My dreams came true and got to be an at-home mom after resigning from the FBI. And let me tell you... being an at-home mom is the HARDEST job in the world.

I started a photography company, Focus & Flash, and loved taking photos of Napa families and people visiting Napa. I decided to take a job right before the pandemic started as a Global Investigator for a large corporation but ended up getting laid off, "eliminated' actually. Once I got laid off, I decided to pursue this long term idea I have had about gifts featuring local Napa products, artisans and entrepreneurs.

And now, I'm enjoying the happier side of life and creating a business that brings smiles to the giver and the recipient. My goals with Arden Road Napa Trading Post are to be collaborative, fun, thoughtful, trustworthy and as local as possible.

but....Why Arden Road as a name?

I grew up in a small town in the middle of no-where Texas... San Angelo, Texas on Arden Road. I feel like the song, Red Dirt Road by Brooks & Dunn truly summarizes my teenage years living in the country, outside of town, on Arden Road.

It's where I drank my first beer

It's where I found Jesus

Where I wrecked my first car

I tore it all to pieces

I learned the path to heaven

Is full of sinners and believers

Learned that happiness on Earth

Ain't just for high achievers

I've learned

I've come to know

There's life at both ends

Of that red dirt road

-Brooks & Dunn

The lessons and experiences I had on Arden Road, helped to shape who I am today.

Texas #stargazing is like nothing else! Teacher, sorry i'm late, Yes, I was actually putting cows back inside the fence #stillhatesnakes

(my son in Texas 2019)

Thanks for reading! Let's support locals #shoplocal #shopnapa who have dreamed of being entrepreneurs for a very long time, myself included. And work hard everyday.

"Everyone has a DREAM BIG to bring to life" Thomas Moore

Love, Sara

Holiday Photo 2020

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