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The Hobnail vase is a unique terra cotta flower arrangement with an interior design element. 


We are putting as much attention on the vase as we are the flowers. We believe that a beautiful unique vase becomes a part of our home interior decoration, not hiding away in the cabinet. We are sourcing amazing and unique vases and pots for our Botanical Gifting! So... if you like this vase, grab it, because we are doing limited amount of each of our vases.


About the vase:


A  very modern, glass vase with a white matte bottom. Because this vase is watertight, you can display fresh stems or grasses, dried bouquets, or faux botanicals. Pair with other vases on a tabletop or display as shelf decor with smaller decor accents.

 -Vase is watertight. -Dimensions: 5x5x9H; -Material: Glass

-A modern touch. This is a large vase that will be a part of their home decor for years to come.


About the flowers


The flower arrangment will designers choice and will add a colorful full of life arrangement that is going to bring a smile to their day. We use local Napa Valley flowers from local growers when they are in bloom. We design our flower arrangement to coordinate with the colors of this unique vase. 


We offer complimentary delivery in Napa Valley within in 48 hours. We require 48 hour turn around time for all flower orders, you can expect your flower delivery to arrive at their doorstep 48 hours after you place your order. Sorry no shipping available for this arrangement. 


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We recommend you add one of our gift boxes!

Glass Vase with Floral Arrangement

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