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Valencia is a stunning, eye catching large recycled Spanish glass that will hold a large floral design to impress. 


We are putting as much attention on the vase as we are the flowers. We believe that a beautiful unique vase becomes a part of our home interior decoration, not hiding away in the cabinet. We are sourcing amazing and unique vases and pots for our Botanical Gifting! So... if you like this vase, grab it, because we are doing limited amount of each of our vases. 


About the vase:


The stunning Valencia Recycled Glass series is produced in Valencia, Spain. Independently collected recycled glass is separated by color. Vessels are then crafted to enhance the design, quality, color and recycled nature of the glass. Over 300 individuals and artisans work together at the factory in Valencia, combining traditional and modern techniques. This use of recycled glass is a perfect example of sustainability. Each piece is crafted in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, which limits greenhouse gasses. Dimensions: 6″ x 6″ x 11″


About the flowers


The flower arrangment will designers choice and will add a colorful full of life arrangement that is going to bring a HUGE smile to their day. We use local Napa Valley flowers from local growers when they are in bloom. Flowers will vary from picture depending on what flowers are available.


We require 48 hour turn around time for all flower orders. 


We offer complimentary delivery in Napa Valley within 24-48 hours. Sorry no shipping available for this arrangement.


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We recommend you add one of our gift boxes!

Valencia Floral Arrangement

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