Glass of Red Wine

Wine Box Gifts & Fulfillment

We partner with wineries, small and large, to provide their customers a full wine gifting experience.

We offer gift sourcing, ordering and fulfillment within our workshop.


Outsource your gifting with us.

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Project: Cooking Theme 

This wine box brings to the wine to life with a lifestyle gift. We worked collectively to chose a wine, spices and a recipe (from their chef) to highlight the wine. This is both an experience gift box and luxury wine box.


Project: Celebrating Spring

Working together on a theme to bring it alive. On this project, our talented crew added rosemary seeds with pebbles in a glass tube that could be emptied into soil with a Rosemary herb marker. We added Buttermilk Rose Soap Bar from Napa Soap Co with a bamboo soap dish. It was an excellent way to introduce the winery's Rose and celebrate the start of Spring.



Project: In the Kitchen

A gift for gathering the family in the kitchen. This project was to bring the Napa luxury kitchen as a gift. We added Cyprus Flake Salt to a reusable Weck Jar, Olive Wood pinch bowl and a Napa Valley Happy Place Tea Towel to this wine box. Simple Elegance for any kitchen.


Project: Emmy Themed Gift

This project was intentionally fun and focused on marketing towards watching the Emmy's! We chose the Kollar's Chocolate Popcorn Bark with it's popping candy and Wine Chips to provide a delicious snack while enjoying the show.


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