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About Us...

Creating a unique gift

We are passionate about creating beautiful, thoughtful and easy (for you) gifts. Our process is easy conversation and quick turn around proposal. Please be thinking about how many gifts you want, the price point per box and if they are going to be locally delivered (complimentary) or shipped out of the Napa area.


We are always interested in being innovative in the world of gifts. We have partnered with wineries to provide a value-add to wine box gifts. We've also partnered with hotels to provide exclusive guest centric multi-occasion gift boxes. We've delivered Napa Welcome gifts to AirBnBs for girl's trips and many hotels. 


Our quoted pricing, includes the consultation, gift proposal, vendor/hotel communication, products listed, a gift box or bag, decoration, fulfillment and local delivery within Napa County. shipping costs apply outside of Napa County.

Curated Gifts

We have curated seasonal gifts for easy and ready to ship gifts. These gifts will be listed on our "Ready-to-Ship" page and can ship anywhere within the U.S., shipping rates will apply.

If you see a gift you would likely slightly changes, no problem, we happy are to customize a gift for you.

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