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K+M Dark Milk Chocolate Bar:

Tasting notes: balanced and nuanced flavors exhibit notes of mango and molasses. The k+m extra-virgin dark milk chocolate Ecuador progresses smoothly from one flavor to the other. Mango, molasses, mild, smooth. 


K+M Extravirgin Milk Chocolate Bar:

Tasting notes: an intense and complex chocolate, k+m extra virgin milk chocolate Nicaragua delivers flavors of rich cream and black currants complemented by notes of malt and coffee. Black currant, cream, rich, velvety.


K+M Hacienda Victoria Ecuador 85%:

Crafted with custom fermented and dried Arriba Nacional cacao from the Hacienda Victoria Estate in Ecuador, this complex bean-to-bar dark chocolate exhibits nuanced notes of dried peaches, fresh cream, honeysuckle and toasted bread. Roasted, ground and molded by hand in Napa Valley, California. Packaged with recycled paper and compostable

Made in Napa, CA. Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter.


K+M Extravirgin Ecuador 75%:

Tasting notes: flavors of ripe mango combine with those of spice and sweet nectar. The k+m extravirgin dark ecuador exhibits low acidity and offers secondary notes of wood and earth, delivered with a smooth-satin mouth feel. Mango, spice, earthy, satin.


K+M Extravirgin Nicaragua 75%:

Tasting notes: savory coffee flavors intertwine with malt, black currant and floral elements. The k+m extra-virgin dark Nicaragua makes a bold statement on the palate with a long, complex finish. Coffee, malt, robust, lingering.


Discount available for orders of 10, email us at



K+M Chocolate Bar

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